Pipette tip GripTips for VIAFLO pipettes Integra Biosciences AG

Pipette tip GripTips for VIAFLO pipettes Integra Biosciences AG
GripTips for VIAFLO pipettes

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The GripTips together with VIAFLO pipettes form an integral system. Pipette tip and pipette were designed to fit perfectly together. As a result, the loading and attachment forces of the tips are reduced to minimize wrist related stresses. In addition, the system provides a perfect tip sealing and reliably prevents tips from accidently loosening, leaking or falling off during pipetting. Available in five volumes (12.5 µl, 125 µl, 300 µl, 1250 µl and 5000 µl) GripTips come in bulk or stackable boxes (non-sterile, sterile and filtered) featuring color-coded inserts that correspond to the volume ranges of the VIAFLO pipettes. The 12.5 µl and 125 µl GripTips come in 384-fold configuration, allowing the same tips and boxes to be used with 16-channel VIAFLO pipettes. The GREEN CHOICE is an environmentally friendly packaging of GripTips. Each GREEN CHOICE contains five GripTip inserts of non-sterile or pre-sterilized GripTips to refill the current tip boxes. Features and benefits: - GripTips snap onto the tip fitting of VIAFLO pipettes, which prevents tips from falling off. - Reduced tip attachment and ejection forces for comfortable, stress-free pipetting. - Precise and consistent tip seal ensures that all tips on a multichannel pipette are precisely at an identical height for reliable touch offs and consistent pipetting results.
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