Electronic micropipette / multichannel VOYAGER Integra Biosciences AG

Electronic micropipette / multichannel VOYAGER Integra Biosciences AG

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Reliable tip sealing and firm tip attachment to the pipette are of key importance for efficient pipetting. VOYAGER electronic pipettes feature an advanced tip fitting system and benefit from specially designed GripTip pipette tips. This system guarantees a perfect tip seal and tips that will never accidently loosen, leak or fall off. The VOYAGER electronic pipettes enable users to change the tip spacing electronically with the push of a button. Up to three different tip spacings can be set and saved. Accelerate reformatting of plates, e.g. 96 well plates to 384 well plates, transfers from racked tubes into microplates or loading pockets of Agarose gels. The VOYAGER electronic pipettes feature a color display and an intuitive touch wheel user interface. This enables the quickest volume change and easy, ergonomic modification of pipetting parameters. Ten predefined protocols are available, such as Repeat Dispense, Serial Dilute, Sample Pipet, Mix. In addition, up to 20 customized protocols can be created and stored on the pipette. VOYAGER pipettes are available as 4-, 6-, 8-, and 12-channel models with volume ranges of 0.5-12.5 µl, 5-125 µl, 10-300 µl and 50-1250 µl. Features and benefits: - Electronically adjustable tip spacing accelerates plate reformatting and sample transfers between different lab ware formats. - Unique tip fitting design ensures that tips snap into place and will not accidently fall off. - GripTips attach the same way each and every time to enable precise touching off. - Intuitive touch wheel interface for rapid volume setting and easy programming.
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