Bunsen burner hand-held FLAMEBOY Integra Biosciences AG

Bunsen burner hand-held FLAMEBOY Integra Biosciences AG

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The FLAMEBOY is a handy, portable flame sterilisator with piezo-electric ignition for safe flame sterilisation. Equipped with a gas cartridge adapter for Camingaz CV360 or EXPRESS 444 the FLAMEBOY is independent of any gas distribution system. Therefore, it is at hand wherever needed: production plant, fermenter, laboratory or outdoor. The gas cartridge adapters are very easily mounted by means of an intelligent click and go mechanism. Alternatively, the FLAMEBOY can be connected to a gas distribution system for a permanent installation, i.e. hoods and laboratories. Features and benefits: Piezo-electric triggered ignition for immediate use. Pistol grip for convenient holding. Various gas cartridge adapters for independent and portable use.
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