Pipette tip 100 - 1000 ?L | Top-Line® short AHN Biotechnologie

Pipette tip 100 - 1000 ?L | Top-Line® short AHN Biotechnologie
100 - 1000 ?L | Top-Line® short

Little things makes big differences. The angel on AHN Biotechnologie precision tips reduces the surface of the tip orifice with the receiving vessel. This angel combined with an ultra-thin orifice reduces the effect of liquid samples creeping up the side of the tip (capillary effect). By reducing this capillary effect, Top-Line® tips and filter tips dispense more accurate volumes. This new innovating universal tip fits all popular pipettors and fits through the innovative design. Choose AHN Top-Line® tips version for easier drop touch off. Graduated AHN tips provide calibration lines which acts as a visual check to minimize any risk of errors during sample aspiration. Sterile AHN Top-Line® tips are sterilized by radiation (Gamma or Beta irradiated) and available in an innovative hinged rack-system or in bags as sterile or non-sterile versions. All AHN Top-Line® tips are naturally certified RNase, DNase and pyrogen free and fully autoclavable (121° C/15 min). Quality and precision Made in Germany. For use but not restricted to following pipettors: pipet4u Digital Micropipettes Eppendorf Reference Eppendorf Research Gilson Pipettors Brand Pipettors Labsystems Finnpipette Biohit Proline Pipettors Socorex Pipettors Nichiryo Pipettors MLA Pipettors Costar Pipettors Oxford Benchmate Pipettors Rainin EDP-2 Pipettors HTL-Pipettors
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