Mechanical micropipette / variable volume / with ejector pipet4u® AHN Biotechnologie

Mechanical micropipette / variable volume / with ejector pipet4u® AHN Biotechnologie

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pipet4u® Micropipettes are manufactured under strict quality control and GMP standards. Each pipette is individually tested and calibrated conforming to EN ISO 8655 and DIN 12650 standards. The conformity of the pipettes is controlled by an State Office of Verification (Landeseichdirektion) and documented through the official German H-sign on each pipette according to DIN 12600. The standards used for the measurements are traceable to the national standards of the Federal Republic of Germany at the Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB). Quality and Precision "Made in Germany". All AHN pipet4u® Digital Micropipettes are fully autoclavable Prevention is the best cure. With proper care, your pipet4u® Digital will ensure the highest level of precision and accuracy, year after year. It is easily disassembled and cleaned right in your own laboratory. Easy to adjust, with one tool. Now maintenance and adjustment take only a few minutes. The design and the universal tool are a perfect pair for easy and secure adjustment in your lab. Declaration of Conformity: As in vitro diagnostic medical device classified as follows according to the directive on in vitro diagnostic medical devices 98/79 EC and marked with the CE-IVD sign.
  • Technology:mechanical
  • Type:variable volume
  • Configuration:with ejector
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