Phone alert system NEO Grupo Neat

Phone alert system NEO Grupo Neat

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NEO is a home care phone intended to be utilized in elderly homes. Either by pressing the consternation button at the front or by activating a portable trigger. NEO is leading with focus on safety. Phone may be programmed to call distinct locations. Depending on the consternation reason. The phone can be programmed to call up to six distinct consternation centrals in sequence and it supports several protocols. To effortlessly find the consternation button, both in daytime and at night, it has a distinct red colour and is illuminated. As a result of the small size, NEO can effortlessly hang on a wall or it can be placed on for example the bedside table. After the consternation call is received a loudspeaker conversation is established using a sensitive microphone. Phone can make a call to an consternation central or a relative.
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