Panic button alert system / wristband ATOM Grupo Neat

Panic button alert system / wristband ATOM Grupo Neat

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ATOM is a portable alarm transmitter intended to be used together with home care phone NEO or any other radio receiver from NEAT. The unit may be used either like a watch around the wrist or as a necklace. ATOM is easy to use and both the shape and the small size, makes ATOM very comfortable to wear. After pressing the alarm button, which may be pressed all over the area, an alarm signal is sent to the home care phone. ATOM then waits for an acknowledgement of the alarm. If there isn't any answer, the alarm is sent again but with more power. This procedure is then repeated and when the alarm is acknowledged, the LED will turn from red to green. ATOM uses the EU recommended frequency (869.2 MHz) dedicated for social alarms. This means that there is a very small chance of interfering sources. That is not the case for triggers using 433 and 868 MHz frequencies. Of course the battery lifetime depends on how often the radio it is used but with four alarms per day, the lifetime is estimated to be at least 5 years. The unit checks the battery condition regularly and sends an alarm if the battery becomes weak. To ensure the function it is also possible to configure a regular radio test alarm to the receiver.
  • Type:wristband, panic button