Cell phone alert system TREX Grupo Neat

Cell phone alert system TREX Grupo Neat

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The TREX alarm receiver is made with the ATOM system or other radio equipment products made by Neat. This is made to set up a wireless alert system that can be used in many applications. The ATOM peripheral can also be started to alert the personnel about what might be required as needed. This is made with a system that is cordless and useful to where the installation can be simple and effective. Also, this may be used without the need to add cables for an installation. The TREX and ATOM portable units are also made with wall mounts for optional use. This will allow for a sensible setup that is easy to manage and affordable. This works without cables and can use a 230 volt power source for it to be powered up. This works with as many as 64 alarm sources on one unit. The use will beep and vibrate with an adjustable volume. This also has a lit up display that shows the name of who is using it.
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