Patello-femoral prosthesis AVON Stryker

Patello-femoral prosthesis AVON Stryker

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The AVON Patello-Femoral Joint Replacement is a useful alternative to TKR for patients with isolated patello-femoral arthritis. It has been conceived in such a manner that it can reproduce the natural patello-femoral joint throughout the range of motion. Additionally, it facilitates the patella in the femoral groove. The product has been reported to be a reliable implant. You do not need lateral release while you are using AVON PFJ. In addition to this, if necessary, you will have to undergo only minimum bone resection for using TKR. Main features: It is the only PFJ replacement system with 2-5 years of published clinical results. 90% survivorship has been reported in more than 100 knees. It provides reproducible congruity of the natural joint. Low patella complication and accurate patella tracking can be achieved with this product. The product has AVON Femoral Components and AVON Patella Components and has bone sparing as well.
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