Knee resurfacing system RIO® MAKO Surgical Corp.

Knee resurfacing system RIO® MAKO Surgical Corp.

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The RIO® system features proprietary tactile robotic arm technology with integrated, intelligent surgical instruments, and the high-definition patient-specific visualization system to pre-plan and treat each patient uniquely and with consistently reproducible precision. The RIO® knee application makes possible a “virtual” cutting guide, eliminating cutting blocks and jigs for less invasive, bone and tissue sparing partial knee resurfacing. The RIO® THA application provides a new level of precision and confidence in achieving accurate cup placement and leg length restoration with optimal combined anteversion. Surgical planning and execution software maps the patient’s pre-surgical plan using CT scan data. During the procedure, the digital tracking system constantly monitors and updates the patient’s anatomy and enables the surgeon to make real-time adjustments to optimize implant positioning and placement and to restore biomechanical alignment and joint motion. Three dimension high-definition visualization and the robotic arm guide the surgeon with visual, tactile, and auditory feedback through each planned and well-defined surgical technique. Tactile resistance is sensed through the robotic arm and instruments to enforce the boundaries of the patient-specific tactile safety zone and enables the surgeon to accurately reproduce the surgical plan.
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