Pantyhose (orthopedic clothing) / support / woman Gilofa Fine Ofa Bamberg

Pantyhose (orthopedic clothing) / support / woman Gilofa Fine Ofa Bamberg
Gilofa Fine

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We have fundamentally redesigned our full-fashioned support stocking range Gilofa Basic and refined the product as regards wearing comfort, fit and appearance. In the 140 den range the changes will become visible and noticeable at first sight on account of the new composition of the yarn. The soft and pleasant texture will enthrall you and your customers as will the even mesh structure with its stylish silky sheen. Experienced Gilofa Basic customers, in particular, will notice and love the difference immediately!
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Laubanger 20,
96052 Bamberg, Germany, Postfach 14 80, 96005 Bamberg
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