Oral biopsy brush swab OralCDx® CDx Diagnostics

Oral biopsy brush swab OralCDx® CDx Diagnostics

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The OralCDx Brush Biopsy (also known as BrushTest® in the dental industry) is a test done in the office to test white/red spots in the patient’s mouth for pre-cancer/cancer cells. There are two parts to the OralCDx. The brush is designed in a special manner so that it can take a lesion sample painlessly. Unlike typical cytologic smear (PAP smear) which only samples the superficial cells the OralCDx collects cells from all three layers, providing a thorough transepithelial biopsy specimen. The sample analysis is helped with the use a specialty laboratory where specially-trained pathologists will determine results using sophisticated computers.
  • Application:oral biopsy brush