Esophageal biopsy brush swab EndoCDx® TNE CDx Diagnostics

Esophageal biopsy brush swab EndoCDx® TNE CDx Diagnostics
EndoCDx® TNE

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Transnasal Esophagoscopy (TNE) High-determination transnasal esophagoscopy (Tne) is another indicative engineering that permits exhaustive, in-office, unsedated examination of the throat. The utilization of the Endocdx brush biopsy throughout transnasal endoscopy increments the tissue region inspected and hence, increments the yield of patients related to irregularity. Dissimilar to standard cytology brushes that are regularly delicate and principally intended to tenderly evacuate spontaneously peeled squamous units, the Endocdx biopsy brush is particularly intended to constantly inspect all of layers deeper layers of the all the more solidly appended glandular epithelium discovered in Barrett's throat. Features: - The investigation of brush biopsy examples is supported by a high velocity Pc check - Which distinguishes possibly strange on a high determination motion picture screen for exceptionally prepared pathologists to audit. - This brings about conclusions with high interobserver reliability
  • Application:esophageal biopsy brush