Operating theater blanket / warming UniqueTemp° Geratherm

Operating theater blanket / warming UniqueTemp° Geratherm

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UniqueTemp° provides advanced temperature management systems. Operation room needs to be upgraded with Geratherm UniqueTemp°. It is the hypothermia prevention system that completely transforms the work of anaesthetists and makes the tasks much smooth and convenient. This product gives faster heat and is much more effective than any other product across the world, it also ensures utmost comfort for the Operation room patients and minimizes the costs incurred by the insufficient temperature management. The benefits of anesthesia are ideal and direct conduction of heat; the warm up period is very short and the distribution of heat is also equal across the surface. It can be connected to various warming blankets. Some of its surgery benefits are: Fans are noise free; Germs or particles do not get dispersed through the air disturbances. Heat is not released into the environment. Few of the Operation management benefits are: The reasonable cost warming system with each application with the reusable covers; the calculation of cost is accurate in accordance with the time units; the changing of contaminated air filters is cost free.
  • Type:warming
  • Application:for operating theaters
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