Infusion warmer 37 ... 41 °C | BIW 306/ 306S Geratherm

Infusion warmer 37 ... 41 °C | BIW 306/ 306S Geratherm
37 ... 41 °C | BIW 306/ 306S

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The product, BIW 306/ 306S, is an optimum addition to the systems of the patient warming. Intra and postoperative hypothermia could be avoided by warming the transfusions and infusions. This is attributed to this microprocessor controlled and superior performance device. The temperature can be freely set from 37 °C to 41 °C in increments of 0.5 °C. It is flat and designed ergonomically. Fixation to the standard medical rails and infusion stands calls for an integrated universal fixing bracket. The economical consumables come in the form of extension sets. Multiple infusions /transfusions are warmed on a simultaneous basis. It is splash proof equipment. Alarms are devised for high and low temperatures. For the optionally prevalent Tube Flow accessory, an integrated connector has been embedded in the device. Optimization of temperature between patient and warmer at low rates of flow could be attributed to the control unit having a reusable silicone profile and is heated actively.
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