Isothermal blanket UniqueResc+ Geratherm

Isothermal blanket UniqueResc+ Geratherm

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The product, UniqueResc+ is the most important product used for the mobile hypothermia prevention in the rescue field. The product effectively decreases shocks and movements. It uses integration of the microchip technology along with its light weight heat transmitting fabric which is mainly responsible for the revolutionary features of the sophisticated electrical rescue warming system. Benefits of the product are: Quick stabilisation of the patient or patient returns back to normal phase and can again communicate easily; Shivering due to cold is prevented by the active and uniform conduction of warmth; Fear is reduced and the patients feel comfortable with the device even at the time of transportation. It is compact, light and fold-able too, which fits into the emergency backpacks. This product has Plug and warm system which is managed by the integrated control unit. It is flexible as well as mobile and operated by battery or any on board power supply.
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