O2 laboratory incubator / CO2 GA156 LEEC

O2 laboratory incubator / CO2 GA156 LEEC

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This is the logical choice for researchers wishing to recreate the ultimate "in-vivo" conditions. There are many published papers showing that under such culturing conditions some mammalian cell-lines can grow more naturally, in higher densities and with superior extra-cellular activity. MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLS Easy to use, individual PID microprococessor controllers show both "set" and "actual" values for temperature, O2 and CO2. End users are easily able to confirm the incubator performance. Sensors for all parameters are placed in the airflow to guarantee fast response to any change in the environmental conditions. This LEEC GA156 multi-gas incubator can be cooled when connected to a LEEC self contained recirculating cooler unit. OXYGEN CONTROL A oxygen controller with a maintenance free fuel cell constantly monitors and adjusts the oxygen level in the chamber by injecting nitrogen gas to displace the oxygen. Rapid recovery of temperature, CO2 and O2 ensures that cells are constantly maintained under ideal culture conditions.
  • Type:O2, CO2
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