Neurosurgical curette Zeppelin™ Adeor

Neurosurgical curette Zeppelin™ Adeor

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We are constantly working with leading surgeons, all over the world to design handheld instruments which conflict the neurosurgeon's requirements. It has a adeoradeor registered trademark micro dissectors for cranial neurosurgery largely avoids the physiological tremor and enables the highly decisive microdissection in even and timely surgery. Unique Features Flexibility Range: Straight adeoradeor registered trademark dissectors are flexible within the range of 200 and 270 mm. Guaranteed Quality: All instruments are made of stainless steel and instant a guaranteed state of the art German Precision CNC Technology and Craftsmanship. Non Fatigue Handhold: The specific adeoradeor registered trademark with balanced handle design permit a relaxed and pure non fatigue handhold.
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