Neuroendoscope endoscope / rigid Zeppelin™ Adeor

Neuroendoscope endoscope / rigid Zeppelin™ Adeor

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This endoscope is designed and is a registeres trademark of Adeoradeor. It is an ingenious device that provides different viewing angles and visualizes areas where the microscope cannot see. The Endoscopes of Adeoradeor are the choice of many medical professionals in performing operations such as Neuroendoscopic Indications, Intraventricular processes, Arachnoidal cysts and cystic cerebral tumors , Endoscopically assisted neurosurgery , Occlusive hydrocephalus (ventriculostomy) , Transnasal transsphenoidal pituitary gland surgery , Intraventricular hemorrhages. This endoscopes are state of the art. Brilliantly designed and built to last. This endoscopes are perfect for Neurosurgeons who has just started practising their neurological medical careers.
  • Shaft:rigid
  • Type of endoscope:neuroendoscope
Biberger Str. 93,
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