Cranial perforator MERIDIAN™ single-use Adeor

Cranial perforator MERIDIAN™ single-use Adeor
MERIDIAN™ single-use

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MERIDIAN™ Single-Use Cranial Perforators The Meridian Cranial Perforator is a sterile packed, single-user version as well as take-apart reusable version cutting device used to carry out cranial burr-hole trephination in medical technologies. Both types provide a manufacturing standard second to none, resulting in an supreme cutting stability. The unique head profile of the MERIDIAN perforator range minimizes the risk of accidental cutting of the dura, thereby greatly increasing the safety of the procedure. Unique Benefits -Available with safe release mechanism. -Provided with dura protecting bone pad, supreme sharpness and universal Hudson fitting. -New safety features are included. -Start & stop feature is provided when required. -Restarts after stopping. -Safe non-skid start. -Available in most common sizes. -Sterile ready to use. -Cranial perforators are made in Germany.
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