Necropsy table / height-adjustable / ventilated / mobile LEEC

Necropsy table / height-adjustable / ventilated / mobile LEEC

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Building upon LEEC?s knowledge and well established reputation in the fields of Forensic and Pathological Science, the newly introduced Mobile Surgery Table represents an innovative solution for the Laboratory Research field. By maximising ergonomic comfort for Surgeons and Technicians, the Mobile Surgery Table provides the best possible platform at which to conduct fine and delicate surgery procedures. Extensive legroom and feet support is allowed for both the technician and the surgeon to sit or stand comfortably, with an integrated lighting canopy providing direct illumination to the work area, clear visibility of procedures is ensured. The unit is designed for easy cleaning and decontamination with fully removable/autoclavable ventilated worktops, which can include interchangeable fine perforated mesh or graduated fall stainless surface for surgery/necropsy respectively. Anaesthetic gas exposure is contained to the highest level, with both scavenging around the nose cone and the heated pad, of which the pad is controlled via a touchscreen monitor, with options for both surgery pad heat and rectal probe monitoring. Designed to be linked to an in-house extra scavenging system, the table extract performance is monitored via a built in visual and audible alarm. An easily replaceable carbon filter provides Anaesthetic gas absorption, with supplies being fed via gas bottle or in house gas supply.
  • Type:necropsy
  • Other characteristics:height-adjustable, mobile, ventilated
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