Multiple-body refrigerated mortuary cabinet / modular LEEC

Multiple-body refrigerated mortuary cabinet / modular LEEC

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Introduction LEEC have taken their nearly 60 years experience to develop this latest version of their in house custom designed Hospital mortuary refrigerated cabinets. LEEC have listened to the feedback from hundreds of their customer who have LEEC refrigerated cabinets installed already, many of which have been working continually for many fault free years. With all this experience LEEC have produced a Hospital Mortuary cabinet which is both compact in design and offers remarkable value. LEEC's cabinets are manufactured to the highest standard which gives them a proven long service life. Every cabinet is built to order and is manufactured to each customer exacting specification with a choice of finishes, trays and roller combinations. Each cabinet comes with height adjusted racking, 180° door opening and door hanging to meet site conditions, this gives remarkable flexibility of use for each bespoke location. LEEC have selected a energy efficient, quality cooling system, that come in many formats to fit every situation which are not only highly reliable, cost effective to run, but are also environmentally friendly. With a wide range of options and a well proven design, LEEC can meet any storage need with this attractive, competitive and adaptable product. For more information please don't hesitate to contact us today, we are here to fulfil your refrigerated cabinet needs.
  • Other characteristics:modular
  • Number of bodies:multiple-body
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