Modular shelving unit MMSlog® MEDICAL MODULAR SYSTEM S.A. (MMS)

Modular shelving unit MMSlog® MEDICAL MODULAR SYSTEM S.A. (MMS)

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MMSlog® Modular Shelving "MMSlog® modular shelving is a simple, economic solution for the tidiness, the order, and Kanban-type management of medical products in the department warehouse". The structure consists of five elements in tube or folded plate in steel painted in epoxy, Structural upright profile monobloc. Front/back, upper/lower connectors. Rear diagonal tensor for structure stabilization. Dimensions of standardized modular shelving ISO 3394 conformed. Robust design of the shelf, load-resistant, minimalist and functional. Upright profile manufactured tube 30*30*2 mm connectors/tensor in folded sheet of 3 mm thickness Wireframe treated steel epoxy coated in light mauve color. Upright profile equipped with attachment points/anchoring slide rail at intervals of 75 mm. Upright profile at the bottom equipped with two easily adjustable leveling legs (Only a spanner needed). The set of connectors and stabilizing upright profiles permit binding between them and its structural robustness. The inner space guide section of the shelving comes equipped with ABS for sliding baskets/trays. The guide terminals are fixed without tools to the upright profile, at the desired height. At lower levels the guide stands horizontal and can go diagonally at the top. Initial Section Dimensions- 475*635*2100 mm ó 675*435*2100 mm Following Section Dimensions 445*635*2100 mm ó 645*435*2100 mm
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