Logistics management system / for medical clothing MMStex® MEDICAL MODULAR SYSTEM S.A. (MMS)

Logistics management system / for medical clothing MMStex® MEDICAL MODULAR SYSTEM S.A. (MMS)

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MMStex® Uniforms Logistic System "The MMStex® System for the uniformity logistic management at Health Centres is a comprehensive solution for the entire healthcare personnel and every kind of uniformity, offering users a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service". The MMStex® Dispenser Unit, which stores and dispenses clean garments (non-personalized) for use, has a modular design which enables configurations to be defined that are scalable and customized in their dimensions, number of modules/cells and capacities; the equipment consists of, * MPU-HOST Master Module, which includes the system management hardware, MMStex® user software for the management of 1 - 6 dispenser modules and 2 types of storage/dispenser module according to the number of cells (2 and 4 cells) and capacities (number of garments), * Storage/Dispenser Modules (slaves of the master module) is subdivided internally into what we call cells, and each cell can accommodate a single type of garment (differentiating by garment type, size and colour). The MMStex® Return Unit collects and stores used/dirty garments; and it is available in 2 models according to capacity, * RU-250 Return Unit is the cabinet type, with a capacity of 250 garments. * RU-1000 Return Unit is the wall-recessed type; with an almost unlimited capacity. Both MMStex® dispenser and return units are also available in the RFID modality, which fully assures management of the traceability of the garment identified by tag.
  • Function:logistics
  • Application:for medical clothing
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