Modular shelving system 600 x 400 mm, ISO 3394 | MMSlog® MEDICAL MODULAR SYSTEM S.A. (MMS)

Modular shelving system 600 x 400 mm, ISO 3394 | MMSlog® MEDICAL MODULAR SYSTEM S.A. (MMS)
600 x 400 mm, ISO 3394 | MMSlog®

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MMSlog® Modular System "The new generation MMSlog® standard size 600*400 mm modular system includes unique qualitative/ functional improvements that are essential for users". It is conformed of the following items and materials available according to your needs and product and use requirements: Trays with bottom/sides with a smooth surface and interior divisible by dividers. Baskets with bottom/sides with a slotted surface: Interior divisible through dividers. Set of dividers lengthwise and crosswise for trays and baskets. Complements: Stoppers for trays/baskets, label holder, T clip adjuster, Catheters complement, etc. Modular dimensions to standard ISO 3394. Support format storage basket and tray in various depths, and plain shelf in HPL material. Baskets/trays available in opaque blue ABS, and transparent blue for ABS and PC. Availability of trays in 600*400*50/100 mm and 400*300*50/100 mm dimensions baskets in 600*400*100/200 mm dimensions. Longitudinal and transverse factional dividers and a solid T clip fixing partial divisions. Solid divider setting basket/tray with patented "clipping" and "straining" respectively. Stop or detent system easy to install and product identification system through removable label holders. Baskets and tray with perimeter sliding tab on the guide, easy accessibility to the product. The modular storage support provides flexibility for reordering along the time according to needs.
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