Microwave digester laboratory Titan MPS™ PerkinElmer

Microwave digester laboratory Titan MPS™ PerkinElmer
Titan MPS™

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The Titan MPS™ is a flexible easy-to-use microwave sample preparation system for pressure digestion of a broad range of samples for subsequent inorganic analysis in a PerkinElmer® AA, ICP and ICP-MS instrument. Designed for rugged, routine laboratory use the system incorporates a stainless steel outer case which encloses a cylindrical corrosion-resistant PFA coated oven cavity that ensures homogeneous microwave distribution. Vessel and Control Technology The Titan MPS digestion vessels are conveniently accessed from above via a hinged lid. Utilizing a non-contact IR sensor, the systems Direct Temperature Control™ (DTC™) provides superb reaction control by measuring the real-time temperature of each individual sample material, not just the vessel surface temperature, while also eliminating the contamination issues and inconvenience of contact sensing devices. Pressure control with the Titan MPS is accomplished with the Direct Pressure Control™ (DPC™) system, a contact-free system which utilizes a combination of polarized light and glass pressure ring with a remote optical sensor to measure and control pressure changes in a reference vessel. Sample vessels are serialized and constructed of TFM™ fluoropolymer, which is resistant to harsh reaction environments.
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