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Microplate handler Hamilton Company
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Hamilton Rack Runner The Hamilton Rack Runner is a fast and reliable robot used to integrate several devices such as Hamilton STAR liquid handling workstations, Hamilton Storage Technologies? automated storage systems, DeCappers, or third party equipment such as hotels, incubators, and plate readers. There are three versions of the Rack Runner. The desktop models, Rack Runner 720 and 1872, and the modular Line Rack Runner. Rack Runner 720 and Rack Runner 1872 The desktop versions of the Rack Runner are built to position the linear drive robot directly onto a workbench, allowing for easy integration of several devices such as Hamilton liquid handlers, sample storage systems and DeCappers, or third party equipment. The difference between the two versions are the length of the linear track. The Rack Runner 720 is the shorter track, designed to integrate a few devices, whereas the Rack Runner 1872 is the longer track in order to provide more flexibility with the physical arrangement of the devices, to position a larger number of cassettes or hotels along the track, or to build up medium-sized liquid handling factories.

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