Laboratory liquid handling robotic workstation VANTAGE Hamilton Company

Laboratory liquid handling robotic workstation VANTAGE Hamilton Company

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The Hamilton VANTAGE is the most advanced liquid handler in our portfolio. Once again, we have brought engineering and capability to the lab by simply developing the best instrument for the next decade. Integrated Simplicity The VANTAGE Liquid Handling System™ brings together advanced liquid handling technologies, intelligent software and cutting-edge design to deliver enhanced performance and increased walk-away times in a compact platform. Through superior space management, maximized speed, and innovative labware transportation, the VANTAGE Liquid Handling System can integrate multiple devices and several hundred plates and tip racks within the footprint of a single liquid handler, conserving valuable laboratory space. Its efficient design and the built-in software intelligence provide minimized runtimes and optimal organization of labware and devices to make your automation solution simpler than ever before. Flexibility Defined The VANTAGE Liquid Handling System is a flexible and user-friendly system incorporating more than 60 years of Hamilton´s experience in liquid handling, engineering and laboratory applications. By using industry-leading, precision pipetting that covers a wide volume range (100 nL – 1 mL), VANTAGE Liquid Handling System easily meets laboratory demands for a variety of application and throughput needs. Due to its vertical and modular design, VANTAGE Liquid Handling System can grow from a bench-top pipetting workstation to a high-throughput, multi-purpose platform while maintaining a consolidated footprint and eliminating the need for multiple systems.

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