Metatarsophalangeal joint digit joint implant AC-TOE® in2bones

Metatarsophalangeal joint digit joint implant AC-TOE® in2bones

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The AC-TOE® interpositional button is an articular implant in ultrapolished Chrome-Cobalt (CrCo). Its unique anatomical design enables the restoration of an articular interface by a minimally invasive path. The AC-TOE® is intended to decompress the inter-articular space, to restore and ensure mobility while preserving bone capital. The AC-TOE® is available in 3 sizes: 14, 16 and 18mm. The AC-TOE®, with its design consisting of a multi-faceted phalangial face, with a profiled serrated and refined plantar base respecting the sesamoid ligament complex and a self-centering convex metatarsal face enable reproduction of articular mobility, while ensuring congruence in the progress of the step action. AC-TOE® is indicated for use in the treatment of axial Hallux rigidus. This implant is provided with its own dedicated instrumentation.