Medical waste treatment system / with shredder VAZ 2000 Vecoplan

Medical waste treatment system / with shredder VAZ 2000 Vecoplan
VAZ 2000

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The VAZ 2000 is the starting model of the heavy duty lineup of single shaft shredders and shreds all types of solid materials including plastics, paper, wood, municipal or industrial solid waste. This model is literally maintenance free and requires no tedious servicing. The The VAZ 2000 is fitted with a solid steel rotor that has a 640 mm diameter and there are also a wide of optional geometries and rotor systems available. Additionally, the VAZ 2000 can be had with a counter knife that is pneumatically pre-tensioned also known as the "Flipper". This prevents damage in the event when tramp materials are fed in, and makes it easy to get rid of the tramp material without having to unload the hopper. There VaZ 2000 is also available with a bridge breaker, which accelerates throughput when shedding both light and bulky materials. In terms of the motor, the standard drive via asynchronous motor can be replaced with a proprietary HiTorc drive, which reduces power consumption and allows variable speed adjustment.
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