Medical washer-disinfector DEKO D32 Dekomed

Medical washer-disinfector DEKO D32 Dekomed

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The Deko D-32 is made with support for many standards and guidelines for getting items cleaned off with ease. This works for handling all sorts of surgical instruments and other items to make it easier to handle. This works with many utensils, glass bits and more. This can handle veterinary and pharmaceutical functions as well. This uses water pressure controls with a sturdy circulation pump to make it active and safe. The pipes are also made with many loading shelves in mind to make it safe to use. The pipes and loading shelves in the unit are designed to allow for the unit to remove more soil at a given time. This works with more soil removal controls and disinfection temperatures and cycle times to make it work well. It can kill more microbes and works with better drying cycles to make it easier to manage. This is great for many major requirements and works with all types of fixed items to make it sensible and safe to use.
  • Application:medical
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