Medical washer-disinfector DEKO 2000 Dekomed

Medical washer-disinfector DEKO 2000 Dekomed
DEKO 2000

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The Deko-2000 washer-thermal disinfector is a large capacity cabinet controlled by a microprocessor that's for use in professional settings including medical, veterinary, and pharmaceutical establishments. It's designed to hold up well in spite of continual, everyday use and available in a single-door or passthrough model and with or without a dryer. Its components undergo stringent tests before selection, and its structure's made of AISI 304 stainless steel and AISI 316 acid-resistant steel. The efficient, durable, and reliable machine offers high-performance, with a control A microprocessor allowing you to select from 5 different programs. You can adjust the water temperature to select the best option for cleaning surgical instruments, plastic and rubber items, and glassware. Disinfection times and temperatures are programmed based on current standards, and you can regulate them using special codes. If a malfunction occurs, a red indicator turns on.
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