Medical washer-disinfector DEKO D25 Dekomed

Medical washer-disinfector DEKO D25 Dekomed

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The Deko 25 is made with a reliable body and is used with a strong cleaning system to make it easier for items to be washed off. This uses a stand material or cabinet under its main body based on your preference. It follows all EN ISO 15883 parts 1 and 2 standards and is safe to use. This works with a circulation pump that can handle 260 litres of water in a minute. This cleans items well in its large chamber and can handle many wash racks at a time. The racks are designed to support washing processes for cannulated items and dental handpieces among other products. It is best for use with rigid and glass items. There are many programs used on this unit but the user may also customize the unit to create new programs as desired. The unit also comes with a washing spray setup to keep it safe to use.
  • Application:medical
United Kingdom