Medical ultrasonic bath / compact 3 - 90 L Tuttnauer

Medical ultrasonic bath / compact 3 - 90 L Tuttnauer
3 - 90 L

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SONICA ultrasonic cleaners can be used in dental offices, hospitals, tattoo studios and chemical laboratories among other areas where sterilized tools have to be used. These cleaners can keep cross-contamination from developing while preventing cleaning-related infections. The microprocessor can change cleaning times and temperatures while operating through a waterproof control panel to keep it as functional as possible in any circumstance. This uses an even ultrasound energy distribution system plus enhanced cavitation and a better working frequency that what other models often use. The noise levels are also very low in spite of the generator having a strong amount of power. Also, the devices are available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 3 to 90 liters in capacity.
  • Applications:medical
  • Options:compact
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