Medical washer-disinfector 500 L | Tiva 900, Tiva 1000 Tuttnauer

Medical washer-disinfector 500 L | Tiva 900, Tiva 1000 Tuttnauer
500 L | Tiva 900, Tiva 1000

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It is the largest Tiva Washer-Disinfector available. It is designed to accommodate the needs of a central sterile supply department or CSSD. It has sliding doors that are fully automatic and permit loading and unloading to be done either manually or automatically. It has two vertical washing pumps that promote consistent washing and disinfection as well as a complete drain. A HEPA H14 air filter is utilized to inject clean air to all the parts of the chamber and even to various basket levels and injectors. The temperature of the washer-disinfector can be adjusted up to 93°C. Its temperature is controlled by its 2 independent PT1000 probes. To ensure hygiene and better results, the washer takes in fresh water upon completion of a phase of the cycle. It also features a three-level water filtering system. For hollow objects to be disinfected and dried optimally, direct injection is enabled. Its HEPA filtered H14 forced-air drying system dries the interior and exterior surfaces of items that are placed inside the chamber.
  • Application:medical
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