Medical thermosealer MMM SteriPack MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik

Medical thermosealer MMM SteriPack MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik
MMM SteriPack

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Innovative packing technology Heat sealer for reliable sealing of sterile barrier systems MMM Steripack After sterilization, medical devices must be protected against recontamination until they are used on the patient. For this purpose, they are packed in plastic pouches to ensure sterile conditions. A vital role in this procedure is the reliable sealing of the sterile barrier system which must be done by a reproducible and validated process according to DIN EN ISO 11607-2. The MMM heat sealer SteriPack perfectly fits in the sterilization procedure of every CSSD. The operator can be sure that the sterility of the processed goods is maintained. All models of the SteriPack series comply with DIN EN ISO 11607-2, which requires the control, monitoring and documentation of the critical process parameters. MMM provides also validation of the sealing processes and maintenance of the heat sealers. Easy operation and fast data entry are given by a user-friendly 5.6 touch screen or a clearly arranged input keyboard, depending on the model, and an intuitive menu navigation.
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