Pharmaceutical laboratory autoclave Ventilab PL MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik

Pharmaceutical laboratory autoclave Ventilab PL MMM Münchener Medizin Mechanik
Ventilab PL

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Apart from steam this sterilization method uses compressed air inside the chamber. A highly powerful fan ensures the homogeneous distribution of the air and steam mixture and guides it effectively in a precise stream to the liquid containing receptacles to be sterilized. This method allows heating and cooling of the goods at a very even temperature distribution and controlled back pressure inside the chamber compensating the high inside pressure generated in closed receptacles with liquids. Thanks to the fast heating and cooling, this method is very gentle to sensitive culture media. Apart from all standard laboratory goods, such as solid and porous items and culture media in loosely closed receptacles Ventilab sterilizers can also sterilize liquids in tightly closed receptacles. Ventilab sterilizers are equipped with many special technical features as well as with a magnetic clutch for the fan drive. The magnetic clutch offers the advantage that there is no feedthrough for a shaft, which could be a source of leakages, but absolute separation between the inside chamber and the drive installed at the outside. This is increased safety against malfunctions and germ passage to the outside.
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