Medical thermosealer / belt hm 300 BMS / hm 500 BMS hawo

Medical thermosealer / belt hm 300 BMS / hm 500 BMS hawo
hm 300 BMS / hm 500 BMS

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The hm 300 BMS / hm 500 BMS impulse welding machines are used in the production of dustcovers for use in the supply of sterile packages. They provide an optimum protection against dust and damage to the sterile packages.This protection increases the storage life of the primary packaging to as much as 5 years in accordance with DIN 58953-7:2008. According to the definitions in ISO 11607, a packaging system is the combination of a sterile barrier system and protective packing. While particular demands are made of the sterile barrier system, simple film packing is sufficient for the protective packaging. The welding machines feature an integrated cutting device, making them extremely functional and simple to use, since operators can work directly from a roll of film. Advantage: protective packing is tightly weld-sealed. Reclosing is impossible!
Obere Au 2-4,
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