Medical thermosealer / belt Euroseal® Valida EURONDA

Medical thermosealer / belt Euroseal® Valida EURONDA
Euroseal® Valida

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Euroseal® Valida - The new Euroseal® Valida is the thermosealing machine that “validates” the sealing cycle, memorising the sealing data and the result of operations to an SD card, as required by the EN11607-2 and EN868-5 Standards. Euroseal® Valida can be connected directly to the PC via Ethernet and WiFi system for instant transfer of sealing data. The innovative touch-screen display with dedicated menu, inserted directly on the support surface, allows the user to achieve simple and instant interfacing with the sealing machine and choose from the preset cycles and a free cycle, where it is possible to change the sealing temperature according to the type of roll and pouch being used.
Montecchio Precalcino,
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