Medical thermosealer / belt Euroseal® EURONDA

Medical thermosealer / belt Euroseal® EURONDA

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The Euroseal makes transparent polycarbonate covering more precise. The double roll holder allows for simultaneous use of several different sterillzationrolls. The roll holder is adjustable so that it can meet the needs of each different dentist surgery. Integrated support panel begins the sealing process, which makes the machine work better. There is an anti-roll return blocking system, a safety system to keep rolls from burning, and visual and audio signals while it is being used. The regular machine is 440x390x315 mm (LxDxH). The double roll machine measures 440x390x420 mm (LxDxH). The wall mounted roll holder has dimensions of 440x30x200 mm (LxDxH). This devices is under UNI EN 868-1 and EN 11607-2.
Montecchio Precalcino,
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