Medical computer workstation / for PACS MultiView Millensys

Medical computer workstation / for PACS MultiView Millensys

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Vision Tools MultiView is a powerful stand-alone PACS workstation for viewing, processing and managing medical images from different modalities (FDA 510K cleared). With its archiving capabilities, static and dynamic image viewing, variety of processing tools, printing features and reporting, the Vision Tools MultiView application can be considered as an ideal solution for most doctors and users who need to increase their daily diagnosis productivity aiming to an improve of the provided patient healthcare service. Vision Tools MultiView suites almost all of the daily activities of any physician in a low cost of ownership and high content solution that is scalable to any organization. Stay up-to-date with MILLENSYS automatic updates feature that keeps the Vision Tools application updated to the latest version with new features and bug-fixes. Combining Vision Tools MultiView with MILLENSYS Cloud PACS "Vision Tools Workspace" decreases the diagnosing time through the powerful included tools leading to an increase the productivity of all the users dealing with PACS.
  • Application domain:medical
  • Application:for PACS
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