Medical compressed air dryer ECOKATC KSI Filtertechnik

Medical compressed air dryer ECOKATC KSI Filtertechnik

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High-End Advantages: Guarantees a linear, oil-free compressed- air conforming to ISO 8573-1 Class 0 TÜV-tested quality (residual oil content M 0.0025 mg/Nm3) Constant, permanent compressed air quality, regardless of hydrocarbon content and ambient air Maximum process safety through the use of high-end technology Guaranteed operation for 5 years with an inlet concentration of up to 200 mg/Nm3 upstream of the converter Optimized energy saving by effi cient thermal insulation, max. 0.001 kW/m3 High quality not harmful to fi nish coatings, because silicone monomers are converted to silicates Flexible performance range from 20% to 110% of the nominal throughput rate Prolongs adsorbent life with downstream adsorption dryers Optimized fl ow characteristics – approx. 0.4 bar at the design point of 7 bar g Maximum protection by automatic safety shutdown => No oil penetration possible Compact construction Eleven capacity levels available for solution-oriented use Environment friendly - no special waste is generated According to the Waste Water Ordinance, any condensate remaining downstream of the ECOKAT can be discharged directly into the drain system without additional conditioning