Desiccant compressed air dryer / medical ECOTROC® ATW KSI Filtertechnik

Desiccant compressed air dryer / medical ECOTROC® ATW KSI Filtertechnik

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ZERO PURGE - no loss of purging air ECOTROC® ATW-V/VG sets new standards by operating entirely free of purging air, in combination with having a low regeneration temperature based on vacuum technology. In addition, it has a user-friendly and extensive control system. The overall system generates optimum effi ciency and top quality compressed air or compressed gas with constant linear supply at the highest level. Features: High-end system construction => high output reserves and safety Linear dewpoints => for constant compressed air quality Intelligent process solution => low energy costs Effi cient, durable desiccant => constant, high compressed air quality User-friendly design => easy to maintain and service Brand-name components => simplifi ed maintenance and high operational safety Modular system concepts => price-effi cient Optional dewpoint control => added safety Special systems an option, e.g. stainless steel version or container approval as required Can also be safely used in critical environments Intelligent control system => Process safety and linear pressure dewpoint Energy cost reduction, e.g. switchover system or loop cooler as an option Alternative energies possible (hot steam, hot water, option) => energy-effi cient Thermal tank insulation optional