Air filter / vacuum ECOCOMP® KSI Filtertechnik

Air filter / vacuum ECOCOMP® KSI Filtertechnik

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KSI Air/Oil Separators - Top Quality out of OEM Production Compressed air is being used today for practically all industrial purposes. Compressors and vacuum pumps are used in all areas of construction, machinery and food industry, pharmaceutical and electro industries. KSI ECOCOMP oil separation cartridges are important elements in the chain of compressed air technology. FUNCTIONING KSI ECOCOMP® oil control cartridges function according to the Coelescer principle. Micro-glasfibersegments separate drop-lets of oil of the condensed compressed air and lead them back in larger drops of oil and thereby re-introduce them into the machinery circulation. The process of oil separation continues into the submircro range. Due to this process, the consumption of oil in the compression device, as well as oil entrance into the connected compressed air network is being minimized. KSI ECOCOMP oil separation cartridges can be used for all ordinary types of lubrication oil, be it mineral, synthetic or semisynthetic oil.
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