Medical cabinet / medicine SUPER MODULAR Akro-Mils

Medical cabinet / medicine SUPER MODULAR Akro-Mils

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Super Modular Cabinets Healthcare has a putty cabinets optimal for healthcare settings!. Organize your AkroDrawers on specially leading stackable or wall mountable cabinets. It has combined stack weight capacity 100 lbs. It contain 18 Modular Cabinets? with 75 lbs. It provide weight capacity with ?60 lbs. It is a durable powder coated finish. It has optional two rail hanging system which needed to mount Super Modular Stackable Cabinets on ProCart. Cabinets can be mounted on the Akro Mils ProCart for joined mobility and portable storage. It has steel colors textured charcoal gray or textured putty The 11 cabinets can be mounted to wall . Drawers hang securely in place from shelves by sturdy backstop tab. AkroDrawers fit snugly on each shelf so open top on each AkroDrawer is protected from dust and debris. Units can be safely stacked up to three high.
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