Container shelving unit SHELF BINS Akro-Mils

Container shelving unit SHELF BINS Akro-Mils

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Shelf Bin Wire Systems Healthcare Organize parts or products, increase workspace efficiency, and improve workflow with the Shelf Bin Wire Systems. Product Description: The new clear bins increases the productivity in a wide range of distribution and work-in-process applications with Shelf Bin Wire Shelving Systems. The bins can be configured into 12 different configurations. The stationary units hold a maximum of 2000 pounds, while the mobile units with casters have a maximum load capacity of 900 pounds. The maximum weight capacity per shelf of 48 inches or shorter is 800 pounds and the longer than 48 inches is 600 pounds. The Shelf Bins outlasts the corrugated bins, paying for themselves in reduced replacement costs. The superior construction quality of the Shelf Bins allows them to be fully loaded without bulging or cracking. Durable industrial-grade polymer bins also provide attractive and neat appearance. Optional features such as dividers, bin cups, and extended label holders keep small parts separated and organized.
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