Container shelving unit INDICATOR® BIN Akro-Mils

Container shelving unit INDICATOR® BIN Akro-Mils

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Indicator Wire Shelving Systems Streamline your workflow and order picking with the Indicator Wire Shelving Systems. Features: Easy to use - stock, pick, flip, and replenish, the effective inventory control, Akro-Mils’ two-toned Indicator Bin features an orange reserve section to prevent stock-outs and assembly line interruptions. Now in 4 Sizes, the Indicator Bin simplifies visual recognition when supplies need to be replenished. The Indicator Bin is an innovative, low-cost alternative to high-end inventory control system. Stock the Indicator Bin using the divider to designate volume for the inventory reserve. The bright orange trigger color is used in 5S lean initiatives. Organization of supplies and work-in-process is made easy with the double hopper bin. Large label on both sides for easy visibility. The rolled ridge provides added strength when filled to maximum capacity. Pick from the blue side of the bin until you reach the divider, flip the bin to the orange reserve to indicate inventory levels are low, replenish the bin and repeat.
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