Medical bathtub Caprice Reval

Medical bathtub Caprice Reval

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The fixed height Caprice is suitable for the users who have not so good mobility and are able to step in and out of the bath independently or with some amount of assistance. The fixed height Caprice is available at a reasonable price. When users need to be lifted, there are enough scope under the bath to permit a mobile hoist. Having the sense control panel and blending valve, the Caprice satisfies the legal requirements of the TMV3. The Sense system is unaffected by touch to reduce the cross contamination besides having an anti scald security. The fixed height Caprice has an additional component, namely, the shower for hair and upper body washing which is thermostatically controlled. The shower can be utilized for washing the appliance after use. The Caprice is composed of superior quality glass reinforced fiberglass for longevity and is developed for industrial usages like the hospitals and nursing homes. It is reliable for long period as it is supplied with a 3 years warranty and it justifies with the money value giving overall peace of mind.
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