Bed shower electric / medical Reval

Bed shower electric / medical Reval

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The latest Ruby mobile shower system has been developed to shower those patients who are not able to access bathroom by their own or with help. When patients become unable because of their critical physical condition, long term illness or obesity, the Ruby is there to provide exclusive hygiene to the patient's own bed with utmost security and comfort. It does so without compromising anything. A lightweight and waterproof sheet is placed beneath the patient, and then it is fastened to the side rails, head and foot boards of the bed. Water-resistant sheet holds the patient and makes sure full water control from shower hose. This can be laundered at 70º c for re-use. A low cost replacement sheet can be used as an alternative. It can be used as a patient specific item, or easily disposed of. A water vacuum is incorporated with the device that enables waste water to transfer from the sheet to a devoted waste water tank on the machine that can be exhausted after use. The Ruby is a dense and highly mobile device.
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