Electrical medical bathtub / with lift seat / height-adjustable Caprice Reval

Electrical medical bathtub / with lift seat / height-adjustable Caprice Reval

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The advanced Caprice with variable height adjustment and an integrated hoist and transfer system features the latest bathing technology. Designed to ease the stress and strain of the daily transfer and bathing routine, the user can easily be transferred in and out of the bath and the tub height adjusted at the press of a button. This makes light and dignified work of transfers, reducing the risk of back ache and pain for the care worker. The low profiling integral hoist saves space in the bathroom, allowing more room to work and eliminating the serious trip hazard of a mobile hoist. The transfer system and hoist are made from non-corrosive stainless steel and can also be used as a wet room shower chair or over a toilet commode. With its Sense control panel and blending valve, Caprice meets the legal requirements of TMV3. The Sense system is touch-free to minimise cross-contamination and features anti-scald security. The advanced Caprice additionally comes with an integrated thermostatically controlled patient shower for hair and upper body washing. The shower can also be used for cleaning the appliance after use. Caprice is made from high quality glass reinforced fibreglass for durability and is designed for industrial use, such as in hospitals and nursing homes. It comes complete with a 3 year warranty so you can be confident it provides long-term reliability and value for money for overall peace of mind.
  • Operation:electrical
  • Characteristics:height-adjustable, with lift seat
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